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R22 Buyback


FluoroFusion is an EPA-Certified and American-owned reclaimer of refrigerants. We work with companies to offset the negative environmental impacts of R-22 refrigerant with our industry-leading Refrigerant Buyback program.  

R-22 refrigerant offered a safer alternative to R-12 refrigerant, and its popularity means you probably have customers reliant on equipment containing R-22 today. You’re probably often asked why R-22 was banned and what is the best refrigerant to replace R-22? FluoroFusion not only has the answers you need - we have an unbeatable R-22 (and R-410A) Buyback program to earn you money!

Whether you are a mechanical contractor, property manager, commercial refrigeration technician, or wholesale distributor, FlouroFusion makes it easy to manage your recovered refrigerants and turn them into an additional revenue stream for your organization.

Why did the US EPA phase out R-22?

R-22 has been used as a refrigerant in refrigeration and air conditioning equipment since the 1950s. R-22 is a HydroChloroFluoroCarbon (HCFC) refrigerant. When released into the atmosphere, HCFC refrigerants are known to deplete the Earth’s protective ozone layer and contribute to global warming. The United States signed the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer in 1987 to establish a phase-out schedule that would ban the production and import of R-22 in 2020. 


In 1993, the EPA enacted Section 608 of the Clean Air Act to establish proper refrigerant management procedures and a prohibition on venting ozone-depleting refrigerants into the atmosphere. R-22 once led the refrigerant industry, delivering unparalleled performance at an unbeatable price point.  


With the production and importation of R-22 now discontinued, it’s necessary to develop a plan for the replacement and reclamation of R-22 recovered by service technicians. We support these objectives by producing the best American-made R-22 refrigerant alternatives and offering our R-22 Refrigerant Buyback program.

R-22 Replacement Products

Amazing Service

At FlouroFusion, we help our clients transition from R-22 to comparable replacements. In addition to our industry-leading R22 Buyback program, we are a proud distributor of reclaimed R-22 and Arctic Eagle R-422B+, both made in North Carolina, USA. 


Unquestionably, the best replacement for R-22 is reclaimed R-22. Reclaimed R-22 meets the same AHRI-700 specifications as virgin R-22, so you can be sure that reclaimed R-22 will perform as well as the original. We work hard to support contractor efforts to recover used refrigerants to ensure that a sustainable supply of R-22 remains available.

Service Tools

Alternatively, R-422B+ is a patented, universal refrigerant that replaces R-22 refrigerant with nearly identical pressure and temperature characteristics. It is non-ozone depleting, carries an A-1 non-flammable rating, and can replace R-22, R-407C, R-421A, R-422B, R-422D, and R-453B without requiring an oil change or system modifications. The lubrication technology in R-422B+ ensures compatibility and miscibility with Mineral, AB, or POE lubricants found in existing equipment.

Replacing R-410A isn’t as simple as dropping in a safer, more environmentally friendly gas the next time a customer’s unit needs to be charged. There are complex issues in managing your customers’ refrigerant transitions, including:

Increase revenue, improve sustainability

Are you a large contractor, property manager, commercial refrigeration provider, or high–quantity refrigerant user? FluoroFusion is here to help make your life easier by managing all your refrigerant needs.  

When you work with FluoroFusion, you’re working with an EPA-certified, American company to buy American refrigerants and boost your bottom line. Call us today and let FluoroFusion help your business earn the best R-22 refrigerant price. 

Fluorofusion’s R-22 Buyback Program is Unbeatable

Fluorofusion is a leader in managing the lifecycle and sustainability of R-22. Our success depends on the relationship and support we build with you - our recovery and reclamation partners.

We understand environmental and business challenges faced by today’s small businesses, so we prioritize working with our partners to turn costly recovery work into a source of profit for their business. We demonstrate our commitment to our clients in the details of our R-22 Buyback program:

FluoroFusion accepts and buys back most refrigerants, even those with flammable components. You get top market R-22 price for recovered R-22, R-410A, R-1234yf, and others You get paid in 30 days or less FluoroFusion will arrange to pick up your recovered refrigerant from anywhere in the country and return your empty cylinders with NO FEE -OR- FluoroFusion will perform onsite cylinder exchanges with NO FEE

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