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R410 and R22 Buyback in Chicago, Illinois

FluoroFusion is now buying R22, R410a, and other refrigerants in Chicagoland and the greater midwestern areas.

We Buy Reclaim

FluoroFusion is now buying R22, R410a, and other refrigerants in Chicagoland and the greater midwestern areas.

What do we pay? We pay a premium price for your recovered refrigerant.

What do we charge? $0. We handle all of the arrangements, including cylinder exchange and transportation, at no cost to you.

FluoroFusion is an EPA-certified leader in refrigerant reclamation. We exceed industry standards for environmental safety and refrigerant lifecycle management.

Let us handle the details so you can focus on your business.

FluoroFusion's Buyback Program

  • Top market buyback rates for R-22, R-410A, and other refrigerants

  • Guaranteed payment within 30 days

  • Onsite cylinder exchange and pick-up of recovered refrigerant

  • Replacement of outdated cylinders with requalified cylinders

  • Detailed pickup reports for each tank to ensure your company remains EPA-compliant

R22 Replacement

FluoroFusion is committed to supporting our Orlando, Florida, clients through the transition away from R-22, improving environmental impacts industry-wide, and offering our clients top market rates to enhance their competitive edge. If your customers are ready for an R-22 replacement, we are proud to offer an American-made, Arctic Eagle R-422B+.

Manufactured in North Carolina, Arctic Eagle R-422B+ delivers nearly identical performance features you expect from the R-22. Compare this R-22 pressure temperature chart with the Arctic Eagle R-422B+ pt chart, and you’ll notice our replacement for R-22 is nearly identical compared to the R-22 pt chart.

This universal replacement is safe for use in systems built for R-22, R-407C, R-421A, R-422B, R-422D, and R-453B without requiring an oil change. The lubricant technology incorporated into R-422B+ means this freon* replacement features compatibility and miscibility with the most common refrigeration system oils, such as AB, POE, and Mineral oil.

At FluoroFusion, we are committed to supporting Florida businesses with our American-made premium refrigerants, and our industry-leading R-22 and R-410A BuyBack programs. Call us today to learn how FlouroFusion can help you turn recovered refrigerants into an opportunity for income.

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Additional Types of Refrigerant to Sell?

R410A For Sale

The AIM Act was signed into law in December 2020. This legislation instructed the EPA to initiate a phasedown of HFC refrigerants in line with the step-down schedule implemented by the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol. 

Phasedown of HFCs began in 2022 with a 10% reduction in production and imports of HFC refrigerants, and ultimately, an 85% reduction by 2036. Due to this short transition period, R-410A equipment will remain on the US market. 

Continued availability of R-410A provides a window for equipment manufacturers to bring new refrigerants and equipment technology to market, and updates to national codes and standards that allow for the installation of the next generation of mildly flammable refrigerants replacing R-410A.  

R22 For Sale

Selling R-22 refrigerant has never been easier when you partner with FluoroFusion with our R-22 Buyback Program. 

FluoroFusion will buy your recovered R-22, pure or mixed. We work hard to simplify this process, offering our clients top market rates and convenient on-site and offsite arrangements for pick-up and cylinder exchange. We then utilize industry leading technology to reclaim your recovered refrigerant, producing reclaimed R-22 refrigerant processed to the same AHRI 700 standards you expect from virgin gas. 

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